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Foundation Program

Your Journey Starts Here

Discover the Thought Leaders Methodology

Are you ready to take that first step to becoming a Thought Leader in your field of expertise?

The Foundation Program is where you’ll learn to create value from your unique ideas, structure your practice and market yourself as a subject matter expert. We’ll challenge your thinking and encourage your ambition.

The Thought Leaders Curriculum has helped thousands of people like you to dream big, earn big and make a difference in the world.

Everyone starts here learning the curriculum. Hours of great content designed to help you apply our frameworks and systems as a force multiplier in your journey.

How it works


The Thought Leaders Curriculum online resource consists of videos, audio files, exercises, worksheets, frameworks, templates and other materials to help you learn and implement the Thought Leaders methodology.


Good communication is fundamental to Thought Leadership and essential to studying The Curriculum. Throughout the course work, you’ll have the opportunity to have one-on-one discussions with mentors and experienced graduates to discuss ideas, test strategies, and work through challenges. This combination of feedback and accountability will help keep you focused and on track.


Each week you’ll be sent a curriculum guide and accompanying worksheets and other tools to help you progress through the curriculum at your own pace.


Regular group coaching sessions led by course leaders provide a forum for reflecting on and discussing the coursework. You’ll connect with other students who are at different stages of their journey and gain valuable insight into how others are incorporating the principles and methodologies into their practice. 



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Upfront payment 
$1500 AUD